Jeff (xjefex) wrote in master_race,

Name- Jeff
Age- 18
Location- Davis
Favorite bands- As i lay dying, killswitch engage, thrice, elliott smith, the faint, postal service, coheed and cambria
Favorite movies- real genius, brazil, donnie darko (ashamed)
Religious affiliation- christian
Political affiliation- natural law
Occupation/Career aspirations- student -> engineer
Favorite books- Dune (whole series), brave new world, the golden age
Favorite foods-mexican (almost all of it, its fuckin amazing)
Sports/hobbies-photography, bass, computers
Things you like to wear-clothes... pants and sometimes shirts.
Favorite classes/interests in school- linguistics, engineering
Favorite foods/drinks- sprite with cranberry juice, rootbeer
SAT Score- 1330

Evolution or Creationism? "Evolved-Creation??????"
What do you think about drugs/legalization of drugs? im for the legalization of drugs... i dont use them though
Do you like to drink or smoke? i dont
What is most important to you in life? friends
Do you agree with the death penalty? yes
Do you agree with abortion? yes
What would you describe your personality as? layed back, mellow, encouraging, sarcastic
Will you post in here reasonably often? prolly not
Technology: Good or bad? great bitch
If you could have one question answered, what would it be? "are peoples lives predetermined?"
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