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name: connie
age: 22
location: berkeley, ca
favorite bands: early elvis, the postal service, death cab for cutie, the stills, dashboard confessional, depeche mode, yellowcard, the pixies, the early november, brand new, johnny cash, van morrison, fall out boy, weezer, modest mouse, the get up kids... i can go on and on...
favorite movies: nightmare before christmas, lost in translation, fight club, american history x... there are more but i honestly can't think of any at the moment.
religious affiliation: roman catholic
political affiliation: registered as democrat, but i don't agree with all their stances.
occupation/ career aspirations: not sure... in the process of applying to grad schools.
favorite books: the unbearable lightness of being, ender's game, catcher in the rye, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
favorite foods: korean food, sushi, fruit, mexican, vanilla bean cheesecake
sports/ hobbies: piano, crew (rowing), soccer, volleyball, running, writing, crocheting, random arts and crafts projects, reading
things you like to wear: knee-length skirts, jeans, hoodies, sneakers, flip-flops
favorite classes/ interests in school: economics, history, psychology, mathematics, o-chem
favorite drinks: water, lime diet coke, vanilla steamed milk, almond black milk tea with boba, strawberry lemonade, tea
sat score: 1590

evolution or creationism? both
what do you think about drugs/legalization of drugs? i don't really care what people put into their bodies, as long as they don't hurt anyone else. but i do seriously doubt the positive ramifications of the legalization of drugs.
do you like to drink or smoke? i drink socially, but i'm definitely a one hit wonder. i smoke one clove cigarette about once every few months.
what is most important to you in life? family, friends, God, love.
do you agree with the death penalty? depends on the severity of the crime.
do you agree with abortion? i would never be so arrogant as to dictate what other women should be able to do with their own bodies. i am pro-choice (within reason), but would never consider having one myself.
what would you describe your personality as? blunt, friendly, caring.
will you post in here reasonably often? depends on how active this community will be.
technology: good or bad? as with most things, it depends on how people utilize it. but i'm going to go with good right now.
if you could have one question answered, what would it be? are our lives predetermined (subject to fate and destiny) or is free will the sole governing force of our lives?
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you seem really cool! welcome.