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Here I am...

Name- Meg

Age- 21

Location- Boston

Favorite bands- Dashboard Confessional, Modest Mouse, NERD

Favorite movies- Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Boondock Saints, American Beauty, Pulp Fiction

Religious affiliation- Recovering Catholic

Political affiliation- All politicians are criminals, but I tend to vote Democrat

Occupation/Career aspirations- student/mailroom coordinator. I'm not quite sure what a "mailroom coordinator" is, I'll let you know after I start on Wednesday.

Favorite books- Anything Salinger, especially Nine Stories. Also, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers

Favorite foods- fried calamari, fried clams, clam chowder, boiled lobster, sushi, cheese pizza

Sports/hobbies- I don't generally play any sports unless physically forced, but I am an avid Red Sox fan. Does that count?

Things you like to wear- stilettos, flip flops, jeans, tank tops, Salvation Army t-shirts under my blazer

Favorite classes/interests in school- In high school it was AP English by far. Now, Advertising, the 1960's, and Moral Issues in Medicine

Favorite foods/drinks- I already replied to the foods part. As for the drinks? I can't think of anything better than a Corona in the summer.

SAT Score- Uggh, 1200.

Evolution or Creationism? Evolution, definitely.

What do you think about drugs/legalization of drugs? The "War on Drugs" is ridiculous. Some people get away with murder and others get thrown in jail for having some weed. Legalize weed, then tax it. Unfortunately, I'm a control freak and don't deal well with being high.

Do you like to drink or smoke? Bud Light and Marlboro Lights. They're killing me softly.

What is most important to you in life? My friends and family are much more important to me than any job or material posession.

Do you agree with the death penalty? No, there have been so many death row inmates let off because of new evidence or DNA. Sure, there are some who may "deserve" the punishment depending on your opinion, but I'd rather have them rot in jail and pay the extra taxes than have innocent people (mostly non-white men) pay with their lives for something they didn't do.

Do you agree with abortion? I am 100% pro-choice. You don't want an abortion? Don't have one.

What would you describe your personality as? Obnoxious at times, sweet other times. Always blunt.

Will you post in here reasonably often? I'll post whenever I feel that I have something of substance to bring up.

Technology: Good or bad? Are you kidding? I know I don't want to live in a world without medical technology, at the very least. However, I could do without new military technology from anyone. When it comes to wars, we should all stick to sticks and stones. Give everyone a level playing field.

If you could have one question answered, what would it be? What am I supposed to be doing?

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