the girl with kaleidoscope eyes (wearingwords) wrote in master_race,
the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Name- Tonya
Age- 21
Location- Riverview, Michigan
Favorite bands- Ani Difranco, Bright Eyes, The Postal Service, Coheed and Cambria, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Death Cab For Cutie... I could go on forever.
Favorite movies- Good Will Hunting, Moulin Rouge, Bowling for Columbine, Secretary, Lost in Translation.. again, I could go on forever.
Religious affiliation- no affiliation
Political affiliation- Liberal
Occupation/Career aspirations- currently a medical biller, working toward my psych degree
Favorite books- The Once and Future King: T.H. White, The Unbearable Lightness of Being: Milan Kundera, Invisible Monsters: Chuck Palahniuk
Favorite foods- grilled cheese and tomato soup
Sports/hobbies- i am athletically challenged. though i do swim.
Things you like to wear- anything comfortable. i'm all about the jeans and sweatshirts.
Favorite classes/interests in school- literature, journalism, psychology, biological sciences
Favorite foods/drinks- peach iced tea
SAT Score- 1420

Evolution or Creationism? evolution. just makes more sense.
What do you think about drugs/legalization of drugs? certain drugs, like marijuana, should be legalized. i believe that some drugs should be banned, though.
Do you like to drink or smoke? i do drink, i dont smoke cigarrettes, and i dont smoke anything else anymore.
What is most important to you in life? living.
Do you agree with the death penalty? i am undecided
Do you agree with abortion? definitely. no one should be able to tell me what i can and cannot do with my body.
What would you describe your personality as? fun, easy going, curious.
Will you post in here reasonably often? i will try to.
Technology: Good or bad? good and bad.
If you could have one question answered, what would it be? once and for all, if there is a higher power governing us.

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