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Name- alie
Age- 19
Location- Goleta/SB/Isla Vista
Favorite bands- thursday, nirvana, the smiths, failure, sparta, sunny day real estate, mike patton & all his weird projects
Favorite movies- requiem for a dream, vanilla sky, hope floats, where the heart is
Religious affiliation- raised catholic, now some sort of personal christian religion if that makes sense
Political affiliation- registered democrat
Occupation/Career aspirations- student/teacher? not sure- happy
Favorite books- Irish and British contemp fiction: marian keyes, jane green; rudolfo anaya; barbara kingsolver; aldous huxley
Favorite foods-fruit (esp rasberries & strawberries) is that weird?
Sports/hobbies-music, guitar, reading, writing, photography
Things you like to wear-jeans, black zip up hoodies, flip flops.
Favorite classes/interests in school- french, anthro
Favorite foods/drinks- lemon coke, lemonade, iced tea, orange juice, hot tea
SAT Score- 1240

Evolution or Creationism? a mix
What do you think about drugs/legalization of drugs? ok in moderation, not all of them though; pot should be legalized.
Do you like to drink or smoke? both
What is most important to you in life? my mind, my friends, my relationships
Do you agree with the death penalty? not sure
Do you agree with abortion? yes- dont know if i would have one, but i dont know why the govt should tell someone they cant. im pro choice.
What would you describe your personality as? funny, fun, loud, outgoing, crazy, friendly, suprising, entertaining
Will you post in here reasonably often? sure- i'll try!
Technology: Good or bad? good to an extent. but the cornucopian myth is a crock.
If you could have one question answered, what would it be? will i end up happy at the end of my life?
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